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Park Hill Allotments and Gardens Society


2018 Calendar of Site Events

Date What's On
10 June Annual General Meeting
24 June NSPCC Open Garden
29 July CFAGs Amenity Competition
12 Aug Park Hill Allotments Open Day
3/4 Nov Clear up Weekend


Inspection Calendar

During the growing season in accordance with the conditions of tenancy, plots are inspected by the Committee to ensure they are properly maintained.  The 2018 inspections will be conducted:

Week commencing:

       30 April

       3 June

       9 July

       19 Aug

       23 Sep

We appreciate the unexpected can happen so we would to like stress that if for any reason you are having trouble tending your plot that you let the Committee know sooner rather than later so that they are in the picture.


or update one of the Committee in person.


New Data Protection Regulations - as from 25 May 2018, the law will change regarding data protection (GDPR - General Data Protection Regulations). This new law is to protect all person data that organisations hold about you. It replaces the previous 1998 Data Protection Act upon which current UK law is based.

The new regulations dictate how organisations can collect, or transfer personal data, and will give individuals easier access to the data that is held about you. The Society will be in contact with you individually about this, please ensure you respond so that we can maintain contact with you.

Carshalton Community Allotment is running 6 Week Food Growing Courses starting Saturday 21st April and 29th September 2018. More details at:

Huw Richards, for the latest a sensation in gardening circles. He’s made over 340 films delivering his tips and tricks of growing. He wants growing to be easy for people.

For more site-specific check your email or the allotment notice board.

Last Updated 09/04/2018